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Critters @Lembeh, Lembeh Strait, Indonesia with Dr. Roger Hanlon & Annie Crawley

  • Criters At Lembeh Lembeh Strait Indonesia (map)

Come with us on an incredible expedition to Lembeh Strait for diving, photography, and science. Muck diving in Lembeh Strait, Indonesia offers some of the best critter experiences in the world. Join Dr. Roger Hanlon, Annie Crawley and team Our Ocean And You on a Got Muck behavior adventure. Annie lived in Indonesia for more than 3 years and some of her favorite experience of her life are scuba diving in Lembeh with Dr Roger Hanlon studying flamboyant cuttlefish and mimic octopus.

We will be heading out on a special scientific expedition for cephalopod camouflage with the world renowned cephalopod expert Dr. Roger Hanlon to Critters at Lembeh Resort in Lembeh Strait, Indonesia. Dr. Roger Hanlon’s runs the Hanlon Lab at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, which is an affiliate of the University of Chicago. The Hanlon Lab is dedicated to the study of camouflage in animals. His latest book, Octopus, Squid, and Cuttlefish: a Visual, Scientific Guide to the Ocean’s Most Advanced Invertebrate is available here. You can also get his latest in Cephalopod Behaviour here.

Dr. Hanlon and his assistant will be bringing with them their Hyper Spectral Imager (HSI), a specialized camera that can capture an incredible 16 colors per pixel as opposed to the three that all our cameras capture. They will be using this to capture cephalopod behavior, camouflaging, and more. Annie first met Roger nearly 20 years ago when he was studying flamboyant cuttlefish and mimic octopus. This reunion trip is going to be one for history as their presentations on imaging and behavior are sure to get every one as excited about cephalopods as they are!


$3250 includes airport transfers, 22 dives, shared accommodation, meals, and Nitrox.