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 OUr ocean and you

Without You, The Ocean Has No Voice


workshops and events

We run a variety of workshops and events around the world. Explore ours including photography, video, storytelling, and more or hire us to bring ocean inspiration to you.

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Join Annie Crawley on an Our Ocean And You expedition around the globe. All expeditions are created to combine exploration, inspiration, and action for our natural world.


Join our junior dive team

We run a dive team in the Pacific Northwest to teach kids, teens, and families how to scuba dive and explore the Puget Sound area of the Salish Sea and beyond. Join a local week long program or travel with our team.


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Did you know


Every breath you take connects you to the sea. More than 50% of oxygen on your planet is created from the phytoplankton & marine plants in our ocean.
Every drop of water you drink was once part of the ocean. The ocean holds 98% of the water on our planet.
The ocean feeds our world. More than 3 billion people rely on the protein from the sea as their main source of protein.



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Breathe in. You are breathing ocean! We learn from school that oxygen comes from trees, but that is only half of the story. 50-70% of all the oxygen our planet needs comes from the phytoplankton mass in our ocean. With every breath you take, you are connected to the sea. The water you drink, the food you eat, all is part of our ocean. Whether or not you live by the sea, you have a direct relationship with our planet ocean. Our Ocean And You helps create a paradigm shift in how we are talking about what’s happening in our ocean. Without a healthy ocean, we are not healthy. The ocean is often misrepresented by the media and under represented in education. Our goal is to get the ocean into every person’s heart and mind so that you will have a conversation about our ocean every single day.

Our mission encourages everyone to explore our world, be inspired by our ocean, and to take action for our environment focusing on how interconnected we are to our ocean.

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An experience like nothing else
— Peter Bortel
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